HofDuo is a classical duo based in Groningen, the Netherlands.
Flute – Taraneh Pouryousef
Piano – Greta Gutuleac

The story of HofDuo
The story of HofDuo began in September 2017 when both Greta and Taraneh became colleagues at Prins Claus Conservatorium. For one whole semester they would meet at common lessons but never even suspected that they have been neighbours all this time. The moment when they found out they live on the same street next to each-other, they became friends.
In June 2018 Greta graduated from Prins Claus Conservatorium and suggested to Taraneh to create a duo together. They started learning great repertoire for flute and piano and came up with the name HofDuo from the small street in Groningen where everything started.

What does HofDuo offer?
If you have an event and you wish to create a great atmosphere by adding live classical music to it or you just plan a private concert then HofDuo is the best option for this.

For booking HofDuo contact via: phone/whatsapp; e-mail; instagram; facebook; HofDuo